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Prices for our services

Service Price
SEO (for a month of promotion)
SEO-promotion (Moscow) from RUB 25,000
SEO-promotion (St. Petersburg) from RUB 15,000
SEO-promotion (Regions) from RUB 10,000
SEO-promotion (USA) from $700
SEO-promotion (Germany) from €600
SEO-promotion (UAE) from Dh 3,000
SEO-promotion (Singapore) from S$ 1,000
SEO-promotion (Malaysia) from RM 25,000
SEO (one-time services)
SEO website audit from RUB 10,000
Semantic kernel composition from RUB 10,000
Mapping compilation from RUB 15,000
Content writing (per 1,000 characters) from RUB 300
Context, configuration (one-time payment)
Yandex Direct (Moscow) from RUB 30,000
Yandex Direct (St. Petersburg) from RUB 15,000
Yandex Direct (Regions) from RUB 7,000
Google Adwords (USA) from $500
Google Adwords (Germany) from €400
Google Adwords (UAE) from Dh 1,000
Google Adwords (Singapore) from S$ 700
Google Adwords (Malaysia) from RM 15,000
Context, maintenance (monthly payment)
Yandex Direct (Moscow) from RUB 15,000
Yandex Direct (St. Petersburg) from RUB 10,000
Yandex Direct (Regions) from RUB 5,000
Google Adwords (USA) from $200
Google Adwords (Germany) from €300
Google Adwords (UAE) from Dh 500
Google Adwords (Singapore) from S$ 400
Google Adwords (Malaysia) from RM 9,000
SMM (for a month of promotion)
Group Promotion in Vkontakte from RUB 30,000
Group/Page promotion in Facebook from RUB 40,000
Promotion in Instagram from RUB 50,000
Promotion in Tik Tok from $400
Messengers (for a month of promotion)
Promotion in Telegram from RUB 30,000
Promotion in Viber from RUB 20,000
Promotion in WeChat from $500
Crowdfunding (advertising campaign)
Boomstarter from RUB 50,000
Kickstarter from $5,000
Indiegogo from $7,000
Analytics (one-time payment)
Usability Analysis from RUB 9,000
End-to-End Analytics Configuration from RUB 10,000
Competitive analysis (channels, budget) from RUB 20,000
Other services
Banners drawing (for a set of 3 pieces) from RUB 2,000
Pitch Deck development from RUB 20,000
Corporate identity and packaging from RUB 50,000
Video creating from RUB 20,000
Partner services
Development at blockchain from $2,000
Solutions development on the basis of AI from $5,000
Initial coin offering from $10,000
White Paper (ICO white book) from $3,000